Best leather shop in London

We've been hankering to work with leather for a little while. And now we're one step closer thanks to a very inspiring visit to JT Batchelor Ltd. It's an amazing cave of a leather shop filled with leather pieces and whole hides rolled up, it's pretty incredible. They've probably got everything you could possibly want in there.
Look at these colours all hanging out together. Phwoar.
Takako looking pretty ecstatic!
Also very alluring are all the fittings and pieces you can get. Tempting.
Yes, a very fine shop - just exactly the sort we like.


New studio corner

One of the big plan we had from beginning of the year was create studio space within the shop for us to work and it's coming together nicely. Big Thank you to our friends Brider & Bull who designed and fitted bespoke desk at the front corner. We get plenty of light all day and such a pleasure to have one flat work surface. Check out Brider & Bull, if you need to improve your interior needs! They are specialising bespoke picture framing. If you have stacks of prints and artworks to be  framed, give the boys a call!


Lucie Ellen jewellery in stock now

 We're very lucky to have jewellery by Lucie Ellen in Stock - we especially love the speckle earrings (above) and the orb brooch (below). Aren't they nice! A little Bauhaus-ish and wonderful.
Yes, thank you Lucie.


Gemma Budden

We are very honoured to be the very first stockists of Gemma Budden's beautiful stained glass pieces! Imagine that - what a catch!
The work is so beautiful and understated. Glass is such an incredible material anyway and she manages to completely make it sing with only the lightest touch.

(Gemma is a Cornwall dweller, lucky bleeder)
We have this garland in the shop: aren't the colours perfect? We've also got some singular shapes, so you can make your own selection up.
Amazing shadows.
Gush Gush Gush! I think I might have to go lie down.
Thank you Gemma for our beautiful pieces!