really. it's been 5 years

Thank you for those who visited shop last Saturday for our 5 year anniversary get together day.
Thank you for all of you who couldn't make it but send us celebration messages. It's really encouraging me to keep pedaling and carrying on.
5 years ago, I was (quite) young and just started this shop, can not believe once it was a vague dream has survived and grew into a business. I'm simply happy looking back all these years. (sorry I'm bit cheesy...)

It was lovely that lots of different group of friends were at shop. I finally managed to introduce Azusa to Ikuko, both ceramicist based in Clerkenwell.

We have printed a poster of manifesto, what we are all about. Please click on the photo to read. it's bit like we are introducing ourselves 5 years after we opened our door. But passing people are reading it and seems like making more sense of what we do. It's helping me to focus on direction, where we are going with Family Tree.

Thanks again for your support!!



Great head stand attempt.
Excuse me. Could you move away from my yoga mat please?


Aguas De Março

Summer is nearly coming to an end...we had good sunny spells this year. (I can’t believe I’m talking about weather. 13 years of living in London is converting me into a regular Londoner!) I played many ska & Calypso at shop this summer which made many people moving (not quite dancing) on the shop floor. Last week I put on “Elis & Tom” as it was a sunny day, the song Aguas De Março was happened to be the favorite song of this guy who was at shop at the time. These kind of incident always start really lovely chat! Aguas De Março means rain in March, all about exciting feeling about start of the summer. So it’s more timely around May-June in London, it’s bit out of season but still one happy tune here...

photo is freshly harvested summer vegetables from friend's garden.


new stockists

I got 2 brand new stockists of washi jewellery.
One is Stoke Newington's favorite life style boutique "HUB", the other is online store "Supermarket Sarah".
I share and admire the concept of "HUB" as a fellow shop owner. not only the labels they sell but also the decor, furniture and the window display of the shop is always beautifully put together.
Supermarket Sarah is fun web shop. basically one of her studio wall is whimsicaly styled with new, old, customised, hand-made, strange stuff. You can click on the items you are interested to purchase, simple!

photo is from HUB shop. can you spot my pieces???