play me I'm yours

I spotted 2 street pianos in London recently.
one at Tate modern & the other at Carnaby st. It's seems like a part of city of London Festival.
basically Pianos appearing randomly on the street of London, whoever feels like it can play. It's simple yet brilliant project. at this photo we are all united singing "it's must be love, love love."
(it's must be love by Madness)

south bank

we visited south bank last week end.
got off the bus at St.Pauls then walked across Millennium bridge to Tate.
It's great place to hang out with young child. Between Tate modern to Royal festival hall, there are so many places tempts you to stop by. We went to behind OXO tower visiting Central Saint Martins graphic design degree show. Different year still the same rubbish!(at this context "rubbish" means extremely positive sense.) this person's work really caught my eye, he/she made type face called "butternut squash".


girls outing

since I became a mummy I had very few opportunity to go out and relax after work or in the evening in general. but those days are over! I went to Medcalf on Exmouth Market to catch up with friends last Friday, had jolly good time!


shop card

We got new shop card printed by SORT design.
letter pressed to the perfection!


bubble necklace

I love collecting vintage fabric. recently I was especially into feed sack fabrics from Mid-West America. thanks to internet shopping, I got hold of lots of beautiful 40-60s quilting fabric from Missouri. as they are small squares and all very pretty I felt very precious about them. so far, I made some necklaces and small ball with bell inside for our girl.


plan toys

we stock plan toys now!
here are some images of what we got.
solid drum, banjo, rattle for little baby, mushroom kaleidoscope and doggy pull along.
all made of naturally dried, sustainable wood. They look great just as a interior pieces also great fun to play. Keeps everyone happy.

natural approach

we have been at this shop for nearly 5 years now.
the space started to show bit of ware & tear, needing TLC.
we decided to sand the floor apply natural oil instead of varnish.
whole space smells lovely & matt look gives calm feel we think.
some of our regular customer thought we put new floor in!